POP of Color: Colorful Homes in Ocean Springs´╗┐

Dated: November 22 2019

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POP of Color: Colorful Homes in Ocean Springs

For the month of August, Rain Residential found the brightest, most colorful exteriors in the vibrant city of Ocean Springs.

As part of a coastal community, it would only make sense for homes in the area to reflect the vibrant and artistic energy that flows through the quaint city of Ocean Springs. While not everyone decides to go for that bold shade of periwinkle, we can all appreciate those who do. 

During our search for those pops of color throughout Ocean Springs, we have found everything from peach to turquoise to a sunset mural. We have enjoyed connecting with the community and discovering the reasoning behind some of the homeowner’s choices. 

Blocks from downtown and the water, a bright blue house is nestled along a quaint side street. Impossible to miss its brilliant cerulean blue, it stands out from the houses around it. We had the pleasure of meeting the owner- a delightful woman that was born and raised in Ocean Springs and has recently moved back to her hometown. The home, built in the late 1800’s, was the original residence of the von Rosambeau family. Constructed as a Greek revival cottage, the Clesi-Brooks House (as it was previously known) survives today with many modifications and updates- including the color. Mrs. Arrington is drawn to vivid colors, and she wanted her home to be a reflection of herself. She chose blue in order to capture the feeling of the beach on a sunny day. Being two blocks from the water, it is very reminiscent of a seaside cottage. The interior of her home, filled with natural sunlight, contains warmer tones due to the exposed brick walls and wooden ceilings. She told us she has gotten lots of compliments from friends and neighbors, so we might be seeing other houses don brighter shades of color in the future! 

Color can be a powerful thing. Certain shades and hues can affect how we are feeling or how we perceive and even buy certain things. Marketing and branding experts try to pick colors to appeal to their target audience in order to sell more of their products. Schools are starting to implement brighter colors in an effort to make students more energetic and lively throughout the day. Reds can signify passion, energy, and boldness, but can also communicate danger; greens bring forth senses of stability and growth; blues give a sense of calm and openness; yellow is an optimistic and happy color - the list can go on and on. 

Whether the reasoning is based on the psychology of color or picked for more sentimental and aesthetic reasons, we have thoroughly appreciated these eye-catching homes!

Stay tuned for our upcoming September showcase! We will even give you a hint: it serves as both an entrance, and an exit, a threshold for welcome or a way to close off the rest of the world. What do you think it will be? 

If you have any other ideas for showcases in the community, comment below!





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