Ted Condrey is the Owner and manager of Rain Residential and brings to the company the experience of working with over $300 Million of Real Estate Construction. His professional career started in the Panhandle of Florida where he worked as project manager for a development company specializing both multi-family condominium development as well as the Planned Unit Subdivision Development.

His career path changed slightly after receiving a job with an architect firm that also specialized in multi-family condominiums. From here, Ted was hands on with the construction aspect of high rise condominiums. This extensive background with development and his understanding of multifamily communities from the conceptual phase to seeing the project through the building phase and putting in place management once the community is complete, has allowed him to understand the challenges and avoid obstacles in real estate design and construction.

In 2009, Ted and his wife, Roxy, decided to start a company that could assist in a variety of real estate demands, ranging from consulting to third party management and real estate sales. Rain Residential has been successful, mainly because of the ability to adapt to changing markets and its belief in efficient, thoughtful management and marketing practices coupled with hard working employees.


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