Monday Market Update: Coolest small towns in America


It's that time again... MONDAY MARKET UPDATE is here! Before we jump right in, we wanted to share some pretty good props that Ocean Springs just received from a national publication. Ocean Spring's was amongst an awesome line up of towns in America that were named"the coolest small towns in America"! 

This article, along with several other publications touting our Coast as an up an coming area to visit and live, we certainly are feeling the effects of that buzz about the Coast making its way into our real estate world! This article is a good read and is included below. 

For this weeks Monday Market update we took a micro look at what's going on in town to see if we can spot any trends!  
In the past week Ocean Springs homes have hit the market at the exact same rate in which we've had absorption in MS Gulf Coast MLS. With 27 new single family residential listings from $75,000 to $528,000 showing up on MLS, the market continues to provide a tremendous amount of options for Ocean Springs home buyers. At the same time, there were 27 closings in the past week from $145,000 to $645,000. This let's seller's know that market is handling the massive amount of new projects coming on to the market and continued development occurring in Ocean Springs it doesn't appear to be saturating the market. So whether you are interested in becoming a Buyer, a Seller, or need any assistance in the real estate world, we are here to help!
by Allen Stanfield, Rain Residential - Realtor

LINK TO ARTICLE: 10 Coolest Small Towns in America 2018: CLICK HERE